About the Author


Samuel Gregory is the founder of Jupiter and the Giraffe, a website design consultancy as well as hosting a weekly That Tech Show Podcast.

During his time Samuel has helped world-class tech companies like Netflix and Corning as well as Conde Nast build engaging and experiential websites working as both an engineer, leveraging his experience coding since the early 2000s as well as a technical program manager as well as a project manager.

Using his experience and appreciation for creativity gathered during his time at Framestore, Samuel has also consulted with UI designers and user experience designers on many digital products.

\With this experience, Samuel has seen many of the ups and downs that can happen on website projects from both the technical side and the business side. He uses this knowledge, along with his ability to communicate complex, technical ideas into more accessible language teaching what he believes is expected in modern website development. This streamlined approach helps to keep both clients and teammates working effectively together and with no friction.

Much of Samuel’s work has focused on creating YouTube content, books and courses in order to help the world build better websites for more people.

More information about Samuel can be found at samuelgregory.co.uk.